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We all are very much familiar with the fast-food chains. With the revolution in food, the world has become so fast-moving that it’s very difficult to keep a track. With the demand for fast-food came the entry of fast-food joints. It has garnered the market to a wide level.

Increasing demand for fast food

Is there anyone who doesn’t like fast-food? It has become so inevitable and specially among children.  The children specially like burger and pizza more than dal or roti. Demand for McDonald’s, Subway, KFC has increased rapidly over the years. Who knew that they will capture the market at such a level?

Why they are so much in demand?

·       If we see from the customer’s view, we can say that it’s highly desirable.

·       The prices are also low as compared to dine in restaurants.

·       It is spread across many locations.

·       The taste is also good and it’s very convenient.

The fast-food has become very………Fast

If a fast-food restaurant wants to remain in business, then it has to be very fast. This pace has been very well maintained by the fast-food chains of Indian market. Many people after work grab their fast-food while going back to home. It’s everywhere and that’s why it is very convenient to order.

Smarter than You Think

Fast-food chains adopt various approaches to target customers. They mainly target children as fast-food is more popular among children. For example, the use of characters such as Ronald McDonald  is a tactic to emotionally bond with the children. They also organize birthday parties and offer happy meal. They keep kids hooked up on happy meals. This is what is called as “SMART PLAY”.

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