Digital Conversion (Journals/Books)

EDUperk is proud to provide quality services. If you are looking for an organisation which can convert print books/Journals into eBooks or vise-versa.


For the past 15 years Fine Media has established itself as a supplier of different services to different individuals and enterprises perfectly suiting to their particular needs.



Services we provide


eBook Services:

Fine Media’s transform print documents into eBook formats like ePub, ePub3, KF8, Mobi, PDF, etc..



·       Adobe eBook (PDF Files)

·       epub2, epub3, Fixed Layout epub and Read Aloud epub

·       KF8, MobiPocket (PRC Files)

·       Replica epub for Google Newsstand


Our unique eBook conversion process is ideal for you for the following reasons:


·       Light weight, clean and quality e-Books.

·       Cost effective.

·       Fast turn-around.

·       Easy integration of your custom (XML) formats.


XML Services


We transform from Journals/Book, PDF, word documents, typesetters, and any document format into XML, SGML, HTML, and other structured formats. We also provide xml front and reflist service. We have experience with many formats:



·       DocBook,

·       NIMAS,

·       BITS

·       JATS

·       NLM

·       DTBook

·       MathML

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